Diving Deep with Water Welders

Its been another hectic few weeks – back to Hong Kong, into China and a little stop-over in Singapore. In the middle of it all, I almost forgot to tell you about a little interview I did with Water Welders.

Water Welders I hear you say. Yup! They are the divers who weld underwater.  Sounds impossible – right?!

Well, it’s not. These are often the toughest of the tough, often working in some of the toughest situations.

With that in mind, Water Welders has been designed for people serious about pursuing a career in the maritime industry.  By providing information and training resources, Water Welders helps divers take their diving deeper. The site also includes a series of interviews so that followers can see what other divers get up to, and what career options may be available to them. A good thing me thinks…

I hope you enjoy my diving exploits!

As usual, a big thanks must go to Michaela Skoveranova for the gorgeous photo included here and to  Matt and the Water Welders team for extending the invitation to chat.

Want to share your own adventure? I would love to hear about your diving exploits – any cool sites you have dived, people you’ve met or places you’ve been. I’m sure the team at Water Welders would love to hear them too!

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Until next week,

Sarah xx

About Sarah Ward

I’m Sarah Ward, an archaeologist, commercial diver and factual presenter with 15 years experience, both in and out of the water. I’ve investigated sites ranging from the Bronze Age to the modern, across more than 20 countries. I am on a mission to bring archaeology to a broader audience, helping people to connect with the past in a meaningful way.

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