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Indiana Sarah - Sarah Ward Maritime Archaeologist on an ascent from the Valiant shipwreck, Pittwater, Australia

Dive in Girls!

A while back, I did an interview with Erin Leach from PADI, as part of their women in diving series. PADI is the world’s largest diver training agency and Erin is one of those people who makes an incredible first impression …

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Talking Shipwrecks on C91.3FM

Want to know what it is like to dive deep into the unknown, exploring past cultures that haven’t existed for hundreds, or even thousands of years? Then check out my interview with Chantel Ferguson on C91.3FM…

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Indiana Sarah - Sarah Ward, Maritime Archaeologist plunging into the water at Pittwater on Sydney's northern beaches. Photo by Michaela Skovranova.

Taking a Plunge!

Welcome to Indiana Sarah, a blog inspiring adventures in archaeology. I may not be leaping from a lion’s head to prove my worth, but I am taking a giant leap of faith.

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