Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but 2018 has been an absolutely crazy year for me. I know many of you think I have abandoned my blog, but I haven’t. I just needed some time to catch my breath. In the last 12 months I’ve been to 12 cities, 6 countries, spoke at 4 conferences, moved house 3 times, renovated a property, survived a significant illness, ended a relationship, started a new one, moved out of commercial archaeology into academia, and gained a professorship along the way. What a ride?!

Throughout it all, you have been there cheering me on and for that I’m grateful. Not just for all for the follows and the friendships, but for your kindness, care, support, and above all, making my crazy journey – both online and off – all the more enjoyable. Thank you! My gratitude is as deep as the ocean.

Whether you are a scuba diver, travel buff, outdoor enthusiast, culture vulture, armchair adventurer, or your interest in shipwrecks and maritime archaeology is limited to, well… reading this, Indiana Sarah is back with archaeology adventures guaranteed.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’m going to open up and share my own adventures in archaeology with you, so that you can see exactly what’s possible and to show you how you dig, dive, discover your own way around the world. You will also see the site ebb and flow like the tide.

In time, you’ll get:

  • updates from the field;
  • ramblings about my research;
  • interviews with trowel-blazing archaeologists;
  • invitations to my dirty weekends, where you can dive in and try a trowel on for size;
  • archaeology news and views from around the world;
  • access to the ‘test pit’ where I trial new equipment and suppliers;
  • project and training opportunities; and
  • free downloadable resources.

Why am I doing this? Because I’m a big believer in access for all, preservation through education and in the notion that the past holds the key to our future. I also know that it’s not my heritage, or yours, but ours, and as such, it is our collective responsibility to preserve access to the past for present and future generations.

If you are new to this, and don’t know me, I’m Sarah Ward. That’s me in the photo. I’m a maritime archaeologist, commercial diver and factual presenter with 16 years’ cultural heritage experience, predominately in maritime archaeology. I’ve digged, dived and discovered my way around the world and have worked on sites from the Bronze Age to the Modern in over 30 countries. Now based in China, I am Visiting Professor in Maritime Archaeology at the Maritime History and Culture Research Centre, Dalian Maritime University. I am also an Ocean Discovery Fellow at MIT, a Senior Tutor with the Nautical Archaeology Society, UNESCO Expert and Researcher in Underwater Cultural Heritage at Universiteit Leiden.

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About Sarah Ward

I’m Sarah Ward, a maritime archaeologist, commercial diver and factual presenter with 16 years experience, both in and out of the water. I’ve investigated sites ranging from the Bronze Age to the modern, across more than 20 countries. A Visiting Professor at Dalian Maritime University and MIT Ocean Discovery Fellow, I am on a mission to bring archaeology to a broader audience, helping people to connect with the past in a meaningful way.

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