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Welcome to Indiana Sarah, a blog dedicated to inspiring adventures in archaeology.

Who is Indiana Sarah?

A professional maritime archaeologist, commercial diver and factual presenter with a career spanning 15 years experience and over 20 countries – Sarah is the real deal.

Formerly the State Maritime Archaeologist for New South Wales (Australia), she worked for top organizations including the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Nautical Archaeology Society, Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology and RPS Group, before starting ArchaeoMar Australasia, a full-service cultural heritage practice specializing in coastal and marine archaeology and heritage management, in 2012.

Passionate about the past, Sarah wants to bring it firmly into the present. She is an advocate for access for all and believes that there is a place for everyone in archaeology. She knows this because she was once you! Sarah dreamed of doing something that she didn’t want to retire from and after several years of volunteering, abandoned her desk-job, took the plunge and proved that being paid to mess around on medieval shipwrecks is possible if you set your mind to it!

Sarah’s archaeology adventures have seen her dig, dive and discover her way around the world, working on sites ranging from the Bronze Age to the Modern. Whether it’s searching for shipwrecks in Sri Lanka, teaching maritime archaeology in Taiwan, chasing Kilwa coins in the top end, or being crowned Moon Queen in the jungles of Panama, this girl has some stories to tell!

When she is not off on some mad adventure, Sarah can be found at home in Sydney, sharing her expertise with clients, teaching maritime archaeology, presenting at conferences and writing for leading academic and popular publications. Oh and she is also working on a documentary….so watch this space!

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